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Inner Mongolia Crown Star Food Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the largest grower, manufacturer and exporter of seed kernels, grains and agricultural products in China. After more than 20 years of intensive cultivation in the seed kernel industry, Crown Star Foods has developed from a small processing factory to a Comprehensive BRC A-Standard Plant, covering the business of organic base Planting, seeds and kernels processing, Almonds and nuts importing. Our market has go across from China to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East and the whole world.

Our advantages:
1.Organic Farm Planting and Management
Crown Star Foods owns thousands acre organic farm, focusing on cultivating organic and pesticide-free products, including organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic buckwheat and various organic beans. Meanwhile the company has also signed cooperation order agreements with several farms, sending professionals to guide farmers to choose and plant seeds every year, and ordering harvested products to ensure effective supply of goods for enterprises.Our efforts also helps farmers in the region to become rich and increase production and income. Through professional management, the use of organic fertilizers and high-yield seeds to cultivate 100% pesticide-free products, the products are favored by thousands of organic buyers, allowing countless families to enjoy the happy life brought by Crown Star Foods.

2.Advanced equipment and Research investment
Since her establishment, Crown Star Foods has insisted on leading the progress of the industry with the continuous improvement of product quality standards: promoting the development of the enterprise with technology, technological innovation and the application of advanced machines and equipment, Breakthrough and transcendence in the field,. At present, the company has established several advanced seed processing, production and packaging lines, and has the most advanced domestic color sorter, X-ray machines, metal detectors, nitrogen filling machine, etc., especially the large-scale steam sterilization machines which can effectively reduce microorganisms and toxic bacteria helping the products meeting the leading standards in China and Europe and the United States.

3.Standardized management and certificate certification
While committed to equipment upgrades, Crown Star foods pays more attention to management system upgrades and system management. The company has been certified with BRC A level, Sedex 4 Pillar, Kosher, Halal, FSVP, EU and NOP Organic certificates. Through continuous training and learning, the concept of quality has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the awareness of the system has been put into action. All employees of the company keep in mind the development vision of "quality enhances value and become the most trusted enterprise in the world", adhere to the corporate mission of "let everyone enjoy healthy and nutritious seed products", and are committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with safe, nutritious, Specialty seed products.

4.Diversified operations and product upgrades
Through continuous efforts, Crown Star Foods business continues to diversify. In China, the company has established an industrial chain innovation technology integrating planting, processing, storage and transportation through order planting, and created superior brand products to contribute to increasing farmers' production and income and local development; in the international arena, the company actively expands its own business Products and scope, the products cover pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, walnuts, wolfberry raisins and other products, and extend the processing and export of various buckwheat kernels and miscellaneous beans. While developing exports, the company uses mature international channels to import high-end seed products to meet the growing domestic consumer demand, including American and Australian almonds, Turkish pistachios and chickpeas, Indian spices and African beans and other products. Diversified operation and continuous upgrading of the industry make the company's operation more comprehensive, the industrial chain continues to extend, the market continues to develop, and the brand effect continues to cash in. The company is even more comfortable in the seed industry.

Quality, sincerity, focus, and professionalism are our service concepts; forging ahead, living up to our youth is our belief in victory. I believe that our road will be longer and our future will be more brilliant. We also take this opportunity to welcome dealers from all over the world to visit us for cooperation and common development. It is believed that with the continuous efforts of all colleagues, Yuguan Foods will surely become a world-class professional manufacturer of high-quality seed products.
Corporate Culture
  • Professionalism
    Provide quality, world-class products and service to our customers. 
  • Dedication
    Be focused, and devoted to everything we do, and with our full hearts. 
  • Sincerity
    Friends first and always do win-win cooperation.
We have faith to believe that we can do more and more win-win business with our friends globally. 

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